Therapeutic Recreation Services

Therapeutic Recreation at the Utah State Hospital is a professional service which uses recreation as a treatment and education modality as a means to help people with disabilities and other limitations exercise their right to a lifestyle that focuses on functional independence, health and well-being in a clinical setting. The Therapeutic Recreation Staff are individually licensed by the state of Utah.

The Utah State Hospital offers therapeutic recreation services to all patients on all units of the hospital. These services are goal oriented and directed toward the treatment of specific physical, emotional, mental and social behaviors. The populations served are: Children, Youth, Adult, and Forensic.

Therapeutic Recreation activities may be held on units, on grounds, and in the community. Activity involvement may include: social and cultural skills, physical skills, intellectual skills, craft skills, outdoor/camping skills, and leisure education skills.

Recreational Facilities

Utah State Hospital's ample campus offers opportunities for recreational activities without leaving Hospital grounds. Many patients enjoy visiting the swimming pool where water aerobics and games are a favorite activity. A full-size gymnasium offers varied sports activities and the weight/exercise room is available for a more regimented workout.

A Sports Court and a ROPES course are also located on campus. Team sports are a great way to get some exercise and enjoy some social interaction as well.

The Castle Park and Pavilion is a unique area which includes a barbecue area, rest rooms, volleyball court, and a fish pond (complete with fish). This area is a beautiful setting for group activities and offers individuals a place to relax and enjoy nature. The Hospital's Wellness Committee has also developed a walking/jogging path on the campus.