Philosophy of Treatment

Occupational Therapy It is the position of the Utah State Hospital that patients are admitted to Utah State Hospital primarily because they are mentally ill and need psychiatric hospital level care beyond that which is provided in acute care facilities. As such, our first priority is to provide patients intensive individualized intermediate-length care and treatment. All individuals, patients and staff, are treated with respect and dignity and are considered human beings of value.

Patients sometimes exhibit problematic behaviors which are understood in the context of their life experience and illness. When patients are observed to exhibit these behaviors, we seek to understand them in order to generate a therapeutic response. Staff intervention is done with the goal of enabling the patient to understand and manage illness in a way which maximizes personal autonomy while maintaining a safe and therapeutic environment. We recognize that difficult clinical situations are powerful opportunities for therapeutic intervention when they are reframed in a holistic context and by communicating the right information at the right time in a manner that engenders trust and respect.

Effective individualized treatment utilizes the patient's strengths and is based on a biological, psychological, and sociological understanding of the person. This treatment centers on eliminating the need for seclusion, restraint, and other forms of control without consent. Biological refers to an appreciation of the anatomic/chemical causes of mental illness. Psychological refers to understanding the function a behavior serves for the individual. Sociological refers to an awareness of the patient's interpersonal experiences.

Determination of the most therapeutic approaches for each patient is done by a constant effort to better understand the patient, the illness, and effective treatment options. Caring for the welfare of the patient is our first priority.