Forensic Services

Forensic Services is comprised of 4 maximum security inpatient psychiatric treatment units and serves 100 male and female patients. The patients are ordered to the Hospital by the District Court under the Utah State Criminal Code. The majority of the patients served in Forensic Services have been found Not Competent to Proceed and have been sent to the Hospital to have their competency restored. When competent the patient returns to court to stand trial. A smaller number of patients have been adjudicated by the courts and have been sent to the Hospital for treatment of their mental illness.

Treatment includes a combination of medication; individual, group, and family therapy; work opportunities; physical therapy; and occupational therapy.

Patient government is an important part of the treatment on the Forensic Unit. It encourages patients to become involved with those around them and provides them a real opportunity to positively influence others.

Patient input is encouraged at all levels of treatment which teaches individual responsibility and accountability. It is the goal of the Forensic Unit to help prepare each patient to reenter society as a productive, contributing member.