Dietetic Services

The Dietary Department at Utah State Hospital consists of registered dietitians and a dietetic technician. All members of the department work together to ensure the patients' nutritional needs are met. This is accomplished by completing a nutrition screen on all patients admitted to USH. Patients requiring further nutrition intervention are tracked monthly or quarterly. During this time, a patient's nutritional status is assessed, he/she receives regular nutrition counseling, and therapeutic diets are implemented.

Our staff also supervise and monitor the production and distribution of food, attend conferences, seminars, and workshops regarding nutrition, and educate other USH employees about nutrition. The Hospital Wellness Committee is chaired by a dietician and focuses on use of diet and exercise to promote well being of each patient.

The Rampton Cafeteria serves nutritious and appetizing meals. Licensed dietitians plan the meals to meet federal guidelines while also meeting the needs of those requiring special diets. The Canteen, located in the Heninger Building, is open daily for a sweet treat or a place to visit with family and friends. The Turn About Café is located in the Forensic building and is open daily to provide a variety of food items to patients and staff. The Eatery in the Rampton building is available to staff for meals during the day.