Pediatric Services

Childrens' Unit

Pediatric Services The Children's Unit serves 22 boys and girls ages 6 to 13 years. These children have experienced mental, emotional, and behavioral problems such as post traumatic stress disorder, pervasive development disorder, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, psychosis and major depression.

Adolescent Units - Girls Youth and Boys Youth

The Adolescent Unit serves 50 youth ages 13 to 18 years. Often admittance to this program is considered a "new beginning" for the teenager.

Pediatric Services The individualized treatment approach meets the needs of the child/adolescent and utilizes a broad spectrum of therapeutic modalities. Therapies include individual, group, family, play, and therapeutic milieu. Specialized services to deal with abuse, anger management, emotion management, and recreational therapy are used. Participation in a wide variety of activities such as skiing, camping, river running, etc. helps to gain experience in needed social skills, self esteem, and impulse control.

Family involvement is important in the development and progress of the child's treatment program. The Hospital involves families by conducting the Pediatric Services Family Program which includes family therapy, family support and advocacy. Home visitation is an integral part of the treatment process and regular family visits are encouraged.