Admission, Discharge, and Transfer

Our Admissions Office (located in the MS building) coordinates with Utah's mental health centers on referrals to Utah State Hospital. Since it's inception, ADT has evolved into a kind of "welcoming center" for new patients.

The ADT team (Admission, Discharge and Transfer) try to alleviate the fears and apprehensions felt by patients as they are introduced to their new surroundings. Often times the staff find a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to get acquainted to help ease any misgivings the patient may be feeling.

Paperwork is completed, a picture of the patient is taken for hospital records, and any questions or concerns the patient may have are addressed. Patient rights and legal status are reviewed and a new change of clothes is arranged for, if needed.

The ADT staff consists of two liaisons who work directly with the mental health centers, a patient manager who tracks all ADT activities, and an entitlement officer who coordinates benefits and entitlements for each patient. Patients and their families are responsible to pay for hospital services and they are contacted by the Office of Recovery Services for billing information.

The ADT office is the first area that a new patient experiences upon their admission to Utah State Hospital. The ADT staff help to make this first impression a positive one.